We made a list of qualities we wanted in a board game (board versatility, changeable goals,
absence of “money chasing,” etc.) and we set off to our local toy shops.  Sure there were a lot of
games to buy, but none of them quite fit the description we were looking for.  Discouraged, we
headed back to the kitchen.

As we sat at the table, we wondered what to do.  “I wish that one game had this,” we said.  “Or
if you could do this with that other game.”  “Geez, if only we could make our own game…”

We paused; then looked at each other.

*   *   *

It started slow, with us making a more extensive list of what we’d put in “our game.”  Soon, the
ball was quickly rolling.  What would be the theme?  How many players could it have?  Questions
and ideas were flying around in a fury.  The majority of our free time that summer was spent
constructing the first version of The Bermuda Crisis.

It was a chore going through and modifying the game- cutting tiles, designing boards, changing
rules and structure...  If it wasn’t for the hope we had of bringing our dream into reality (and the
fear of all that time becoming a waste), I doubt the project would have ever been finished.  But
we never lost sight of our end goal.  Then finally, came the moment- when we were able to play
our game for that first time. That alone made it all worthwhile.  

Our hope is that you get as much joy out of playing our game as we do.  We hope that our
determination to keep those original qualities as the backbone of The Bermuda Crisis brings the
true benefits of great board gaming into your home.   And above all, we thank you for being a
part of bringing our dream into reality.
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How the Bermuda Crisis: Discovery Dawning got where it is today.

To understand the history of the BC:DD, you first should hear the story about the father of the
game - the original board game version of the BC.  Here is an excerpt I wrote about that game,
which appeared in the instruction booklet.
In the summer of 2004, two great friends, Jerrod Warr and Brad Hyatt,
were sitting in Brad's kitchen (a popular setting for many of our board
games) wondering what game we should buy next.  We did and still do
have a great love for board games because of what they offer us- mental
exercise, a reason to gather with friends and family, lots of laughs, and
something different to do (after all, we’re from Idaho).  But at the time
we had felt like “we’d played them all” and we wondered what game
would fit us best.
I have fond memories of my experiences with the original BC.  I always hoped it would make it
big, but even if it never got played again, I felt like it was a personal success.  I also still had
the desire to expand on the BC story line, and because I had made a board game, the next step
for me was making a card game.  In 2007, my friend Brian Olsen and I concocted the first
version of the BC card game at - big surprise - my kitchen table.  You can see the original Water
resource card off to the side.  As you might imagine, going from that initial game Brian and I
made to what you see now was a
very long road - which mostly begins in the mitten state.

I finished my undergraduate at Idaho State, and in 2007 I moved to East Lansing to earn a J.D.
from Michigan State.  It was there that I first stepped foot into a hobby shop called
Games.  To make a long story short, I ended up working for them all throughout my law
school career.

Working at Evo opened my eyes to a whole new world of gaming; I learned a great deal,
including what worked well and not so well with the original BC.  Meanwhile, I had agreed to
a contract with a small game company called
Cambridge Games Factory to produce the BC:DD.
 In the 2+ years we worked together,  we were able to get a lot of testing and tweaking done,
which I'm grateful for.  However, CGF wanted to take the game in a different direction that I
didn't like, and eventually I was able to get the rights back to the BC:DD.

Although I had the rights to the game, I didn't have a publisher.  I was pretty bummed out
about it, but fate opened another door for me at Gen Con in the summer of 2010.  While my
wife Emilie and I were there, we came upon a new game developing company similar to
lulu.com.  They were called The Game Crafter, and once I realized what was possible, the
spark was reignited.  

I got a hold of my friend
Jay Jong - the same guy who did The Legendary Triune book cover -
to see if he was ready for a new, bigger project.   Much to my delight, he showed great
enthusiasm.  Soon thereafter, he began artwork for the game and I started doing the final
tweaks and play-testing.  Then on December 14, 2010 at about 11 pm, the BC:DD was
published; and a new personal milestone had come to fruition.  

My goal is the same that I had back when Brad and I finished the original BC.  There are
literally hundreds of hours invested into the BC:DD's development - all in the hope that for an
hour of your time every now and then, you enjoying playing the game as much as my friends,
family, and I do.
One of the original BC characters.
The original Water resource
card.  What can I say - I'm no
The original Rare Resources
card back.  As you can see, it
managed to keep its gold color.
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