Where do I begin?  First of all, thanks for inquiring further into
Bermuda Crisis: Discovery Dawning
.  I've owned this domain name since
2004, which means this game has certainly been a long-time coming.

I've recently rebuilt this website with two things in mind.  First, I wanted
to add some personal links- the most important being about my fantasy
novel called
The Legendary Triune.  Second, I want you to have access to
bonus content for the BC:DD you won't find on

  • The history of The Bermuda Crisis: Discovery Dawning
  • Additional artwork, including pieces that didn't make the cut
  • Additional information about me, the designer, and Jay Jong, the artist
  • The history of the original Bermuda Crisis board game
  • Wallpapers for you desktop
  • An instructional video to help get you playing even faster

Stay tuned for more updates, and email me with any ideas you'd like to
see.  In the meantime, thanks again for your support!  It really does mean
a great deal to me.
Long Time Coming
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