Anytime you undertake a big business project and you're just a little guy, there's a
lot of helping hands along the way.  I wouldn't be here without some key
contributions from some great people.  The least I can do is publicly thank them for
helping me with my dream.
A long time friend, Brad and I were the original incubator for this
incredible undertaking.  We each worked feverishly to get that first
prototype done.  We'll always look back and laugh as we remember
doing the two worst jobs:  for him, it was tile cutting, and for me, it
was "graphic design" on Microsoft Paint.  Yikes...
Aaron works as a comic book inker; so in other words, he's a
professional artist.  From the very first moment we met, Aaron has
volunteered to do ALL the artwork for The Bermuda Crisis.  Who
makes that kind of commitment?!  I'll tell you who- the good people of
the world, and everyone's grateful for Aaron's contribution.  If you
like his work and would like to see more, join the
mailing list.
Family &
When you have that first prototype of your little bundle of joy, it never
is right on in the beginning.  As you can imagine, it goes through
face-lift after face-lift: rules are changed, looks are modified, and on
and on.  You can't just rely on your own biased opinion, and that's
where these guys come in.  Thanks to everyone who went through
trial games of the first BC and had to endure my critiquing and
Here's a friend that got involved on a much higher level than those
just  mentioned.  With that same gaming spirit Brad and I possess,
Brian stepped in and helped in a big way with not only testing, but
creation as well.  He helped co-create the original BC:DD.  Hopefully
we'll all see his influence in the future on up-coming games.
Jill was incredibly helpful towards the end of the original game.  She
helped by doing the final edit of this original edition of The BC.  It's a
good thing too, or else my bestest english wood haf 2 doo... and what
a disaster that'd be!
Rob was my go-to guy when the BC:DD was with CGF.  He spent a lot
of time helping tweak the game, including a lot of the math, making
sure everything was balanced (I suppose it helps that he graduated
from MIT).  A firm believer in the game from the beginning, I
definitely owe him my gratitude.
Games &
These little rascals came in at the tail-end of the testing for the BC:DD.  
People like Alex, Ed, and Nick gave me some great ideas during their
games that you'll certainly see when you play.  Also, I'd like to thank
Mike for encouraging me to finish the game and allowing me to
showcase it at
Evolution Games.
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Special Thanks
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One of the original BC characters.
Here is a sketch depicting one of the team members
(aka players) finding one of the island's Artifacts.  It
was one of the potential images to go on the box cover.